tf2tags is closed

After eight years of development, the site is no more.

Years of messy code, antagonistic users, and a drop in site revenue to the point where the site no longer pays for its own hosting, I have decided to end the site.

Originally, my plan was to freeze the site as-is, and leave it up as a sort of museum, but then a lot of the final submissions to the site are mostly just talking about how the site's almost gone, with a healthy dose of jokes about finally being free to use slurs now that being banned doesn't matter at all.

I should have known that saying the site was closing would result in a lot of people doing their worst.

So we'll just have to settle for replacing the site with this static page instead.

The source code is still on Github. I will update it in the near future to include a copy of the final database. You are more than welcome to build your own tf2tags. Should you do so, and should I still be holding on to this domain (because yeah I just paid the $12 to renew it for another year that's not the issue here), I will be happy to transfer it to you.

My Steam profile has been set to private. I will ignore any and all emails relating to the site. Do not contact me in any way.

Thanks for the fun times, no thanks for the stress and endless frustration.

Useful Links site mirror
tf2tags source code on Github
a pricier way to name/describe items
that weird wiki you folks made - this has a link to the fan discord server (which is expired at the time i'm writing but maybe you wiki editors should fix that)
the tf2tags steam group - I still control this (at the time of writing) but I'll pick somebody from whoever asks on it to take it over so there's a place for you all to gather still.