There are some people out there, who have been a tremendous help in making the site what it is today. While nearly all the code on the site is my own, there are plenty of others who equally deserve credit


For initial support on the site's design and item creation process. Without him you'd have had a very ugly item creation page.


For making me realize that there are far better ways to make a website than PHP.

The Team Fortress 2 Wiki

For their continued dedication to ensuring accurate and useful data as well as the graphics for a lot of items. Without them there simply would not be a paint or styles feature on this site without their hard work.

Cafe of Broken Dreams

For their considerable input on site design, and continued support of the site. Without them I'd be playing on much better servers with much better maps the design wouldn't be what it is.

The Something Awful Goons

For their initial interest in the site and continued suggestions. Without them I'd be playing on Cafe there'd be a much uglier paint selection menu.


For their excellent backpack site, along with the flat images of particles. Without them unusual items just wouldn't look the same.


For his graphic design abilities. Without him we wouldn't have icons for pda/hat/misc/action slot tokens that get used all around the site. Buy a Watchtower stamp/filter for him!

Niklas Von Hertzem

For the lovely html2canvas library!


For making this game to begin with. Without them the site wouldn't exist.


For your 3500 21,000 209,000 plus submissions.
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