Grand Reopening!

Dec. 1, 2011, 5 a.m.
Welcome to the new tf2tags! (If you don't care about any of the changes, at least scroll down to the part about contests so you can try to win a hat)

After four months in development. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

Let's take a moment to go through what's been changed in each section of the site:

Sitewide Changes

First and foremost, you can now log in using your steam account. This is done through Valve via OpenID so I have no chance to steal your password. Signing in is in no way necessary to use the site as it was previously, you can still submit, view, and vote on items without logging in, but it does have benefits.

By logging in with a steam account, when you submit items they will be affiliated with your account rather than anonymous and users can browse for just one user's submissions. This is a good way to get some credit for your submission rather than it just appearing on the site one day.

Logging in also allows you to leave comments on items. When browsing the item list there may be a number after the "View" link, this is how many comments are on the item, now you can explain the clever reference that those less fortunate wouldn't understand.

Profiles also contain quick links to the user's steam profile and backpack. Now you can find out if that really great item name already exists in the actual game. Personally, there aren't enough nametags in the world to cover the number of items I've submitted in the past. On your own profile page, you may also adjust the number of items displayed per page when browsing if 10 isn't your favorite number.

Latest Items

The latest items page is still where you'll likely be spending most of your time when not submitting anything new. All the same information as before is there, but with the new addition of particles on hats being displayed behind them. It's so authentic you might get somebody asking to trade you for your unusual Hustler's Hallmark with flames.

The navigation system has also been made a bit friendlier, now more massive dropdown menu for jumping to a page, just click the # button and enter the page you wish to go to.

View Items

On the page for individual (or set) items, just as before you'll see just the item and its rating. In addition to this you will also be able to view the item details and get specifics on all the individual fields. Now you can find out if that shotgun was meant for a pyro or an engineer!

Items can also be reported in case they are duplicates or junk submissions.

Search Items

This is honest to goodness a real thing! You should (god willing) be able to search for any items submitted to the site based on the class it was submitted under, slot of the item, base item that was named, the name, the description, the date it was added, and having a certain keyword (no support for searching multiple keywords at the moment)

Random Items

This is exactly the same now that I think about it. Wow! Consistency!!


Under awards you'll find the most popular items on the site, but no more will endless cycle of those same old items continually getting upvotes because people see them on the top page, while hundreds of pages of content are hardly glanced at after it falls from the first few pages. Now in addition to the top items of all time there are also pages for the top items of the past 30 and past 90 days, keeping things a little bit more fresh.

But that's not the only award. Do you like refined metal? I bet you do! It's like money but pretend. Well, now there's a way to get free metal with your naming skills through themed Contests! You can read the specific rules and try your luck.

Quickly explained here, at the start of each month a theme will be announced, and users have 7 days to submit any items related to that theme while signed into their steam account. After submitting an item just put the theme as one of the keywords for the item and it will be eligible to win. At the end of the month, I'll take a look at the scores for those items, and the submitter of the winning item will receive the prize.

Most of the time the prize will be a bit simpler, like a refined metal (though donations for prizes will gladly be accepted). However, as this is the very first contest and I have to get you people motivated we'll start off with something a bit more enticing:

This month's contest theme is: "MUSIC"

Submit any items or set while signed into your steam account with the keyword "Music" to be eligible to win the following at the end of the month:

Team Captain
(store bought, will be uncraftable)

So hopefully that gets some people interested.


The Misc section unsurprisingly contains random things that don't fit anywhere else. Currently there's a fake item generator tool so you can make a pretty little mockup of an item you have an idea for, a table of the raw data for items so you can tell at a glance what items can be submitted and in what rarities, etc, and the site credits.

Create Items

And last but not least, the create items page, in a more linear and hopefully easier to use form. Choose a class, choose a slot (be wary of some odd slot placements like the spy's revolvers being secondary items), type in the name and description and get a preview of your submission. Then before submitting you can fine tune it with the usual features, rarity, paint, particles, and form. Every paintable item has an image now, so no matter what paint you want to use on an item, if you can paint it, it has an image for it.

Lastly, when your item is complete you can fill in some keywords to tag your item. This is optional (though not for contest entries), but can provide another way for users to find your item later on.

Also, if you have several items which are related to each other and are better all together rather than separate, you can choose to create an Item Set, with each of the items grouped together. These items show up as a single set on the browse page which is expanded on the view page. They can be a lot of fun to come up with.

That's All

I think that's everything! As always I'm interested in your opinions on the new site, any suggestions you have or bugs to report. If you want to get in touch with me, send me an e-mail.

Have fun!

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