April Fool's Week 2014 Has Begun!

April 1, 2014, 2:50 a.m.
Hello all you fun-havers! It's April 1st and that means most of the Internet is making jokes that have already been made and Google's probably going to announce they're now manufacturing military robots haha what a great joke.

On tf2tags however you get to be the one who makes the jokes that have already been made! As always, for the next week the submission restrictions will be far more lax and you'll be able to post items in any rarity and with particles if that's your thing.

The usual set of April Fool's Week exclusive items are all back, with a handful of new ones, though much like the 6th generation of Pokémon, they're aren't as many new ones as you've come to expect. This probably has something to with the fact that 3 of the item categories are TV shows that I haven't watched in several years now.

But there is one new twist! This time every item in the tf2 item schema should be available for naming. Most of them fall under the all class section, but there are a few exceptions. I can't wait to see what great names you all come up with for the ETF2L 6v6 Division 4 Group Winner and how they compare to the names you all come up with for the ETF2L 6v6 Divison 5 Group Winner's entirely indentical image.

As is always the case, there are multiple contests running simultaneously. This year I have five different contests running, each with a fantastic prize of a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key up for grabs!

To enter your submission in any contest you must be signed into an account, and include "APRIL2014" (all one word) in the keywords for that submission.

The six contests are as follows:

1) Best April Item - The submission with the most points that uses an item in from the April Fool's Week class.
2) Best tf2 item that's normally invalid - The submission with the most points made entirely from items normally on the site, but with creative use of rarity and particles.
3) Best tf2 item that's normally not available to name - The submission with the most points that normally wouldn't be available to submit, but is now (strange parts, map filters, crates, that sort of thing).Distinctive Lack of... submissions, but I love it. Use the new "A
4) I Added This Item For this Joke - As usual, something new for the week was added deliberately to make an obvious joke. This year it should be a set, probably with 4 items. First person to make it wins regardless of points. I'll give you your key early since there's no need to wait for votes.
5) Somebody's Going to Make This Joke - I just have faith somebody will submit a certain something. I know you people well enough. It can't be resisted.

As always, I am the supreme dictator for life and it is up to me to declare the winners.

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