Contests #4 and #5

April 9, 2014, 11:37 p.m.
After careful deliberation, I have decided on the winners for contests #4 and #5.

The pre-determined joke award goes to Beezlebuzz with Orange Box. The joke I specifically had in mind was black box, festive black box named gold box, Tardis named blue box, and redbox named red box. I forgot the idiot box was even an item! Plus they color coordinated the submission which was a fine touch. I managed to miss this when it was first submitted, or else I would've announced it earlier.

The somebody will make this joke award goes to Leveori with A rather lengthy submission. There were a handful similar, and their's wasn't the first. However it was the longest named submission and directly compared it to the carbon. sticky launcher which I specifically had in mind. This won by default! It was not in fact the longest possible item name, which (I believe) would have been:

The Generalissimo of Generosity's Malfunctioning Your account has been flagged for circumventing the item distribution system. We have removed the items that were illegally obtained. Future violations will result in the loss of all your items. with over 240 characters compared to 181 for the prize winner.

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