Now Mobile Friendly!

Aug. 16, 2015, 11:25 p.m.
For the first time in a long time, some major changes have happened!

The primary reason for this update was to make the site more mobile friendly. Now you can comfortably check the site out when bored at work, as low resolution browsers will display the site a bit more nicely, no horizontal scrolling. This does not yet apply to the create or search pages, but they'll both be updated in the future.

Missing particles that I said would take forever for me to get around to adding, have finally been added. Happy Halloween.

The tf2tags twitter and tumblr pages are going to start being used a bit to help promote the site. They'll both feature automatically generated posts sharing high scoring items. They're selected randomly so there's no promise a popular item you submitted will show up. The critera to be eligible to show up however, is for the item to have more than 50 points and be submitted in the past 120 days. These submissions must also not be in sets. Authors will be credited.

And the big one, Misses are no more! Items can only be voted up, not down. My reasoning behind this comes from several things that were happening with downvotes.

- "Downvote this item!" submissions
- "Why do people keep downvoting my items!" submissions
- "This person left a comment I didn't like so I'm going to downvote all their submissions"
- Submissions in violation of the rules with negative twenty five points that nobody bothered to actually report

So now if you see a submission and it doesn't make you laugh or you don't think it's clever or you don't like the anime it references, too bad! Keep scrolling. If it violates the rules, report it! (And if you begin reporting items you want to downvote expect a ban yourself!)

Then there's also one other big change to the backend of the site. Updates to the available items and rarities will now run automatically every night. Painted items with placeholder images are logged and attempted to be redownloaded nightly as well. Ideally this means that placeholders will automatically get filled in as they become available.

There will likely be some issues at first. Each night the update script will send me an email report with any issues that may require manual intervention (such as conflicts between the schema and the wiki like whether the Ubersaw gets accent marks or not). I'll be going along to get rid of these.

Currently, missing painted images haven't been recorded and thus won't be filled in on their own. You can help me find these to get them fixed by either sending me e-mail or commenting on steam. All I need is the item name, you don't have to specify which paints specifically are missing. MAKE SURE THE PAINTED IMAGES ARE ACTUALLY ON THE TF2WIKI FIRST. Newly added items probably won't be.

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