If the site looks bad, hard refresh!

Aug. 17, 2015, 3:49 a.m.
Miss button issues aside, the site should look 99% the same 99% of the time!

If you are seeing something hideous like this abomination, perform a hard refresh on the site with Control+F5! For mobile/tablet users you may have to clear the cache entirely.

I have very much heard and seen the complaints (this was not difficult to do) and will be commenting on this submission about the next few days.

You are 100% welcome to post jokes about the lack of a miss button, but I would appreciate it if we didn't get more posts that are just Bonks named "Dos fucked up!" and described with "He is bad." and instead stick to the fun and clever names and jokes about tf2, pop culture references, or horribly tf2tags in-jokes.

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