We Missed You

Aug. 18, 2015, 7:44 p.m.
Misses are back! That was certainly an interesting day.

Also fixed a bug where viewing a user's items wouldn't a link on the item's name forcing you to click the little view button instead.

Also added public voting logs for those of you who want to be sleuths who suspect somebody is downvoting everything you submit for whatever reason. View an item's details, and there will be a link to the voting log.

From there you can see the most recent votes on that item as well as a mysterious serial number to anonymously identify who voted for it. You can then select this serial number and see all the votes made by this individual.

Keep in mind that just because somebody did downvote your stuff, it might not mean they had a vendetta against you, it might just mean your submissions sucked.

Also keep in mind that you can upvote your own items.

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