April 13, 2016, 2:10 a.m.
Ok, so there are a bit under 60000 unique IPs which have voted on the site. Nearly 10,000 of have voted Miss more than Crit. Though most of those have a total vote score (Crits minus Misses) of -1, and the vast majority only have maybe a dozen votes total. If we only count IPs with a total vote score of -2 or lower, the number drops from 10,000 IPs to 4,500.

If we go as far as having a total vote score of -10 or lower, it drops further to 1,200.

The 500 most negative IPs have a -31 or lower voting score.
The 100 most negative IPs have a -165 or lower voting score.
The 10 most negative IPs have a -685 or lower voting score.
The most negative IP has a -1943 voting score. And yet even this account has 1,498 Crits, making little more than half of their votes being Misses.

One thing that stands out is that several of these IPs with a lot of negativity are very similar.

So I looked for items submitted with one of those IPs and found a user to attach it to.

Then I decided to get any IP address that user has submitted items or comments with and only look at the votes with those scores.

It became pretty apparent that they really liked to Miss items!

So here are the 5 changes I've made in response to this:

1) They're banned. I hope you're not surprised.
2) Every vote they have ever made both Crits and Misses has been removed.
3) Every submission they've voted on has had its score recalculated.
4) Voting now records your identity, not just an IP, making future Missbombing significantly easier to verify, correct, and ban for.
5) Anonymous users are now limited to 5 votes per day. Signed in users may vote as many times as they want regardless of their own score.

If this is not a sufficient deterrent, other solutions may include making who voted for what public, or you know, getting rid of the miss button entirely.

If you're aware of other Missbombs, please let me know. While I doubt only this person is responsible, I wouldn't be surprised if they made up a good portion of it. Over 9000 (don't you dare) items had to have scores adjusted.

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