Migration Tonight

Nov. 16, 2016, 1:01 a.m.
Ok so the site is going to be migrated to the new server tonight so here is how that is going to work for all you.

At 03:00 server time (as seen in the footer) the site will make it's nightly database backup. This backup will be used as the official copy of the site's database for transition to the new server.

After that backup has been made, I will change the background of the site on the current server to solid black. Anything done on the site from that point on can safely be assumed will be lost to time during the migration. I'll set the submission limit script to run every 10 minutes or something, and turn on April Fool's Week mode because why not? The exact cutoff is going to be a bit finicky so some legit submissions/votes/comments may be lost to the void. Feel free to resubmit them.

Running the database backup on the new server will take an estimated hour to an hour and a half. After the database has transferred, I'll set the tf2tags.com domain to point at the new server. Depend on how fast this change propagates over the Internet, it may be a few minutes before you all stop seeing the old server and start seeing the new one.

If the background is back to normal, you're on the new server. And that should be that. I'm expecting it to go pretty smoothly. Don't panic if it doesn't.

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