Feb. Contest Winner and the Latest Update

March 1, 2012, 5 a.m.
February's contest has ended, with Axe Cop's Soldier and Demo on the CP. Congrats to Axe Cop who will be receiving his Tyrant's Helm shortly.

March won't have a contest, as I think we'll get more submissions if I'm not bugging people every month saying to go on my site and try to win a prize. Come April, contests will resume however.

In other news, new paints! And they aren't on the site yet and probably won't be for a bit until the great people at the TF2 Wiki get images for every last one of them. Once they're up I'll get around to adding support and getting them all loaded.

A general update for the currently missing items and their current paint images will be coming either today or tomorrow. Other plans for March include getting set editing to be available and hopefully making set submission better in general.

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