April Fool's Week - You were this close to ponies

April 1, 2012, 4 a.m.
Happy April 1st everybody. While every other site out there is making you roll your eyes or making their sites a horrible pain to use for a day so they can do a dumb joke I'm being extremely lazy professional and not altering the look of the site. (Seriously though, you did nearly get a Cutie Mark Tags site for pony butt tattoos.)

I don't know how many people were around for last year, but April 1st means special wacky items are available on the site for your naming and describing pleasure.

This year there are a total of 99 special limited time items available. And this time there are contests so it serves a point.

First off let me say that these April Fool's Day items are in fact April Fool's Week items. They'll be around until April 8th, since they'll be useful for this month's contest, but I'll get to the contests in a moment.

These new items can be accessed by the now negative token with a lens flare. You can't miss it. The slot tokens will change to reflect the general theme of the items contained within.

Additionally, for this week, the item submission verification process is a lot more lax. Any standard TF2 item can for the next 7 days be in any rarity (sans normal because the site doesn't have support for that any longer), and have any unusual particles. So if you want to make a vintage Mann Co. Supply Crate with ghosts, go nuts.

Plus there's an actual new feature on the site, when you make a set now, at the bottom of the page after you've confirmed the basic name/desc of the latest item to add to the set, all the previous items added to the set will be visible. Now when you're naming a dozen different noodles, you won't have to worry about missing one or duplicating another.

Set editing is essentially done but not yet on the live site until I fix an issue with it and vote reseting.

Now for the contests. Plural. As in there are more than one of them. As in there are three of them specifically.

This month's contest theme is: "April"

Here's how to enter each contest:

  1. Submit any items or set comprised of April Fool's Week items while signed into your steam account with the keyword "April" prior to April 8th.

  2. Submit any items or set comprised of non-April Fool's Week, but taking advantage of the relaxation of rarity and particle rules while signed into your steam account with the keyword "April" prior to April 8th.

  3. Lastly, in the April Fool's Week items, there's a really obvious joke. Be the first to submit it and you'll automatically win this one, regardless of how many votes it has.

  4. That didn't take long!

So there's no particular theme, the April keyword is just to track entries, be creative!

And as for the prizes...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

The three lucky winners will each be receiving the most foolish prize of all, a key. Will you open a crate? Sell it right back to the warehouse? Trade it? I don't know.

Happy April Fool's Day everybody, and good luck!

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