April Contest Winners

May 1, 2012, 4 a.m.
April is finally over and I completely forgot that April was finally over. I don't have time to update the site at the moment but I should at least give out the winners.

Our first winner, using April Fool's Week items is:

The Chimpy Man with Strange Part: Dead Horses Beaten. So there you have it, the secret to success is to make a joke about a meme.

Our second winner, using normal items in an invalid way is:

[CBE-M] BURGERS :D(>NUTTER<) with "Your ass is grass..." and the idea of green confetti being a good substitute for grass, which is equivalent to ass.

Our third winner is Penguin who got the face melting ark of the covenant.

I hope you all uncrate unusuals with your new keys and give them to me out of pity.

Tune in this June for yet another contest.

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