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May 31, 2012, 4 a.m.
The site will be updated with the new items tomorrow so don't fret about them not being around just yet.

It's May JUNE and it's about that time for another contest. May JUNE, as you know is Myth Month, a month of celebrating creepy stories, cool gods, and the fabrication of things like Sonya from Mortal Kombat having a special "Nudeality" she can do and your best friend's uncle showed him how but made him promise not to give out the code.

May JUNE actually isn't Myth Month, (but it's a common myth).

So here's how it works as always:

This month's contest theme is: "MYTH"

Submit any items or set while signed into your steam account with the keyword "Myth" prior to May JUNE 8th, to be eligible to win the following at the end of the month:

Berliner's Bucket Helm

As always, you have 7 days to submit entries, and then the entire month to vote on which ones you like best.

I hope you've read up on your Odyssey lately.

Also keep in mind the contest doesn't officially begin for about 2 hours. Remember to check the server time on the bottom of the page before submitting!

(Also hey Chimpyman, I still have the key you won a month ago!)

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