Aug. 26, 2012, 4 a.m.
Apologies for the terrible delay, but we should finally be back on track again. Items and painted variants are all here sans one or two items which lack them on the wiki at the moment. And I'll have you know that I already did the two most obvious submissions myself.

The site by the way, is currently being rewritten (for I pray the final time). Soon I will be rid of PHP forever. (The rewrite is being done in Python with Django). The site will be getting a bit of a cleanup, but the design is going to be the same.

One new feature which I would like to release in limited form soon (though you know how bad I am with "soon") is a robot generator for those of you making custom Mann Vs. Machine missions. At first this will just be a form to generate a bot template to use in a .pop file. Later if there's interest I'll be expanding it to a full submission/rating system equivalent to what we have now for names, although with more of a focus on finding specifics rather than just browsing the latest.

Here are some pretty pictures (click for full):

So since I've actively been working on stuff site, E-mail me if you have any suggestions for current stuff or new stuff. Anything to praise or complain about please do. Now's a good chance to have your input heard and maybe actually implemented.

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