Updated and Faster Future Updates

Sept. 28, 2012, 4 a.m.
The site's up to date again, after missing a few patches worth of content, but good news!

The main reason for the site always taking so long to be updated after a patch has always been my laziness waiting patiently for the wonderful wonderful fantastic people of the TF2 Wiki to take screencaps of all the painted hats in every color and every style. This naturally takes time, and I've always done my best to avoid updating the site and having the possibility of broken images being used.

Well, I've been tweaking my system for getting these images from the wiki and have implemented placeholders! Just the original item image (shrunk due to standard painted hat processing) with the hex color code of the paint in the corner.

For example, the Tribal Bones misc for the pyro doesn't have any painted images yet. It's actually kind of old and I have no idea why it doesn't. (Maybe it's just not actually paintable, there are a few items in the schema that say they can be painted but it doesn't do anything, though usually the wiki pages mention this.)

Regardless, if you want to submit a bitter taste of defeat and lime tribal bones you'll see this:

And then, in the future when that image does get added to the wiki and tf2tags, it will simply be replaced, nice and green as you intended.

So where I'm going with this is simple, the site should now have a much faster rate of updating. Easily within a day of the update. So here's to the future, go name some items.

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