Make Your Australian Christmas List

Dec. 15, 2011, 5 a.m.
It's getting awfully close to the most important day of the year.

Yes, the great annual Steam Christmas sale is just around the corner, and if you guys are anything like me and have friends, (Really! I do!) you're going to have the following happen:

Somebody is going to surprise you with a now dirt cheap game that's sitting on your wishlist.

You then head to their wishlist to return the favor.

That's awesome! We all love it. Everybody's happy and I'm sure Valve is especially, hence why they always plug the wishlist feature this time of year to encourage more of those gifts.

Meanwhile Valve recently added a link so you could buy 150 keys at once so I have a hunch they would like people to spend a lot in that store as well.

But where's the wish list? How am I supposed to know you dream of owning a Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun?

Enter tf2tags wishlists! They look something like this:

You'll get the item they want, any notes they wish to give about it, a link to purchase it, a count of how many are already in the user's backpack, and if it's your list a removal button.

Hastily thrown together, now you can navigate through a list of every (nearly) item available (and not) and add it to a list which you can then easily share with your friends or put in your Steam profile while they're looking at your normal wishlist.

Pick a class (or category), slot (if needed), and choose an item. Throw in any relevant notes and put it on the list. Maybe your sweetheart will buy you that Camera Beard. Maybe they'll buy you 150 keys!

Just sign in to your account and get started!

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