Happy Belated Pi Day - New Site is Live!

March 16, 2013, 3:10 a.m.
So it took a tad longer that I had hoped! But at a glance, the new site appears to be up and running successfully! No doubt I've missed things here and there (like the contest winners page still being blank), but these things should smooth out over the weekend.

The site may show you as logged in with no name, and a broken avatar. This is unrelated to the weird log in bug with the beta, and clicking log out will fix it and allow you to log in normally.

Some painted hats are being uploaded as I write this (and of course Valve updates the day I decide to take things live, so there will still be placeholders here and there).

For the most part the site hasn't changed too much. If you didn't mess around with the beta while it was open (and whoops I broke it more than I fixed it as far as you people saw), there are some nice little changes. Lots of which concern sets. Here's a quick summary:

  • Sets can now be edited - You can adjust the name/description of any item in a set, or the keywords. You cannot insert additional items.

  • You can make a set without having to click a link to say you want to make a set

  • Duplicate checking is re-enabled, 100% duplicate submissions are automatically rejected, this of course won't catch a lot of other duplicate submissions that are the same concept

  • Duplicate checking ignores sets. You won't have a set get rejected because one item has been posted somewhere else.

  • Prior to submission, you can modifier the order items in a set appear, so if you realize you skipped something halfway through, you can add it and position it properly. You can also remove something from a set that's being worked on.

  • Submission limits - You can submit 5 items per day, however as your submissions get more votes this limit increases to 10 and then 25. Now awful people can't submit 100 items in a row. Sets count as a single submission for this limit so no worries there.

  • Strange filter support - Fresh, Psychadelic, Canadian, you want adjectives for your items, you've got em'

  • New search page - It behaves pretty much exactly the same, but it's prettier now!

  • Better contest timing - You can now see how much time remains to submit an entry for a contest.

  • Better paint layout - Colors, when sorted by HSV rather than RGB, look a lot more pretty.

If you encounter any bugs, have any feedback, or have anything worth saying about the new site get in touch with me on Steam (profile comment or adding me) or via email.

Have fun everybody!

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