April Fool's Week 2013

April 1, 2013, 4:24 a.m.
It's that time of year again! The time when tf2tags becomes a fun site actually worth going to!

You'll notice a new 11th token when creating items, the April Fool's Day class, which contains a rather varied set of odd items from Pokemon to Portal.

In addition to those special items being available for the next week, you'll also find that all restrictions on submitting items have been removed. So now's your chance to make a vintage jarate with flies or a self-made ap-sap with sunbeams for some reason.

This year there aren't too many new items, other than the pokemon section where you'll find most of the cool pokemon. If your favorite pokemon isn't listed something is wrong with you because I have Meowth, Zangoose, and Sneasel there. What is brand new this year are few custom rarities and strange filters! Be creative with these!

Anyways, as with last year there are going to be multiple contests for the month!

Submit any April Fool's Day class item OR submit any regular item that takes advtange of the loosened restrictions with the keywords: "APRIL2013" (all one word), and get the most votes at the end of the month to win a MYSTERY PRIZE

In addition, there are two mini contests, the first is to find this year's obvious joke and to be the first person to submit it. There are probably lots of obvious jokes, but there's one in particular I have in mind. Be the first and you win even if everybody downvotes you!

Then lastly I will pick my personal favorite submission that uses the default item name with a creative use of rarities and strange filters.

So basically just submit all sorts of things with that APRIL2013 keyword and hope to win something. Is it good? Well, that really depends on what you consider good.

Again, be sure to play around with filters and things, as you don't need a strange rarity to use them for now. So you can have a Vintage Canadian Camera Beard if that's your thing.

Have fun! Contest runs for one week.

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