April Contest Winners

May 3, 2013, 12:25 a.m.
Don't be so impatient! I'm currently posting this by tethering my phone to my desktop it is awful and I just want proper Internet. I'm even getting ads for FiOS. If only~

Anyway here are the lucky winners of last months contest and the prizes they will receive:

Best April Fool's Item
Strange Phantom Train by Alpha with +28 points
Alpha's Mystery Prize Revealed
You know, as somebody eventually noticed, all the items in the My Little Pony category had downvotes act like upvotes. If any pony items won I would have come up with more prizes to try and be fair to the natural superiority of pony items.

Best Regular Item with Loosened Restrictions
The Mann Co. Shovel by Alpha (again...) with +38 points
Alpha's much lousier second Mystery Prize Revealed
Wow way to win both major contests. As if people didn't think these things were rigged already. And way to already own the two games I was intended to give out as prizes. I expect a video Let's Play of this one as a way to say thanks.

Obvious Joke Award
Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrug by Hale's Own Righteous Bison with +50 points
Hale's Own Blah Blah Mystery Prize Revealed
So I go to look at the highest rated contest entries, and see the #1 entry is also the obvious joke. I should've expected this after seeing the quality of entries in the puns contest. So I felt like giving the same person two prizes would be a bit unfair only to have it happen with Alpha's two items. Oh well, two entries winning two prizes is more kosher to more than one winning two. Especially since it was on the front page. I hope you like logic puzzles because otherwise I gave you a worse gift than Alpha's 2nd mystery prize.

Personal Favorite
Ask Me About PHP by Lancey with +21 points but I liked it anyway.
Lancey's Mystery Prize Revealed
Ok, so _maybe_ this item was submitted by a friend, and _maybe_ the reference was something written by another friend and _maybe_ I'm asking him slyly right now what he thinks of the Binding of Isaac in determining his prize, but too bad!

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