December Contest Ends, January's Begins

Dec. 31, 2011, 5 a.m.
First and foremost congratulations to Orange Harrison who has won the first monthly theme contest here on tf2tags with I saw her standing there.

Of course monthly means that it's time to start the next contest (well, in ~45 minutes when the server hits midnight).

This month's contest theme is: "FILM"

Submit any items or set while signed into your steam account with the keyword "Film" prior to January 8th, to be eligible to win the following at the end of the month:

Towering Pillar of Hats

I hope you guys are movie buffs. Personally I prefer older movies, but I'm sure your brilliant idea of a medigun that references Ghost Busters is good too. And god help me if I see a million kukris named "That's not a knife. This is a knife."

As before, you have 7 days to submit entries, and then the entire month to vote on which ones you like best.

Good luck

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