Summer Games Done Quick

July 25, 2013, 6:06 p.m.
Summer Games Done Quick has begun!

(Blurb shamelessly stolen from Something Awful which shamelessly stole from SDA's marathon page)

Speed Demos Archive, the home to video game speed runs, is proud to present the third annual speed running marathon: Summer Games Done Quick 2013. It is a 5-day online event (from July 25-29th) to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, streamed live for you to watch!

Featuring over 75 games, speed runners will play continuously in order to collect donations for Doctors Without Borders (aka Médecins Sans Frontières), our partner for this event. During the marathon, donations enter you into various prizes, and can be used to determine the outcome of bidding wars! The various prizes and bidding wars can be found in the SGDQ2013 schedule.

It starts RIGHT NOW! So watch, promote, donate, etc!

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