Site Fixes

Sept. 7, 2013, 3:12 a.m.
I actually made some site changes! (Some of these months ago but never posted about them)

All of these are probably pretty horribly buggy. Tell me about any bugs you find!

Especially now while I still feel motivated to work on the site.

Here's a changelog:

+ When items are finalized, they are run through a validation process before submitting. Now if the 18th item in your set would cause item submission to fail you'll find out then and there, the item will be removed, and you can work around it. No more entering the same items in a set over and over until you find what's making it fail!
+ When you do get an item failure, you'll get a dump of the data. Send it to me and I can add the item for you!
+ Those submission changes are because your submissions are now being encoded into JSON making them far more pleasant to work with. This hopefully fixes the "Your 200 item set is being rejected for no real reason" bug. (I have yet to try, so no promises.)
+ Added the name of the paint to the item details section. (Why did I just show the hex color code?)
+ Fixed submitting a set redirecting you to an off-by 1 item id (which would in turn still point to the set but still)
+ Fixed sets having vote buttons on the main page before you'd see the contents.
+ Fixed items in sets having vote buttons when they came up in search results.
+ Fixed strange rarities causing submission failures.
+ Strange Invis Watches now use the correct levels.
+ Strange Spirit of Giving now uses the correct levels.
+ Contest winners page now has the winners of every contest and links to the contest entries.
* Began adding support for converting submissions to images. Ideally this will end up with one click buttons to post an item you like to Twitter or Tumblr.
* Began adding support for styles for weapons and non-paintable hats. This can cause broken images on the create page when you change an item's style, don't paint it, and its appearance only changes when painted (like the Pyromancer's Mask). Submitting an item with a broken image like this will make it ignore the style during submission and show the default item image elsewhere, so if you see a broken image while making an item, everybody else will see the default image. If you see a broken image afterwards, "Whoops!"

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