Colors and Tumblrs

Sept. 14, 2013, 12:29 a.m.
Hello everybody. I just got done uploading all the missing painted hat images out there! Now your foxes look much foxier. A good sixty items got some new images (and styles)!

Next up I'll be taking a look at the possible rarities for everything, making sure that that data is accurate and up to date as well. Then perhaps doing something about strange hats.

Lastly I've started a tf2tags tumblr account. News posts like these will be cross posted there, and perhaps I'll write more site (or god forbid) Team Fortress related things! This site's front page will only have news updates in general, and it's not a personal tumblr so your dashboard probably won't be filled up with reblogs of risque fan art of the spy and the pyro.

That tumblr link is also down there in the site footer.

There's also a tf2tags steam group that does absolutely nothing, if you like joining steam groups that are meaningless. Also a tf2tags Twitter page whose credentials I can't even remember!

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