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Nov. 23, 2013, 9:39 p.m.
Plenty of nice and long overdue changes here!

+ Fixed sets not reporting the number of up/downvotes correctly in item details.
+ Added the missing unusual particle effects!
+ Renamed "Bubbles" effect to the correct "Bubbling".
+ Advanced option sections now open below the buttons rather than above because of how large particle/rarity selections are getting. I am not 100% sure about this as I can imagine accidentally hitting the confirm button by mistake. Try not to do this!
+ Particle selection now looks more like item selection since a list of 50+ particles is pretty awful.
+ Fixed particle effects in the item preview not going away when changing from a rarity with them to one without.
+ Removed some temporary restrictions for items which didn't have paints before.
+ Adding missing painted images for the Spine-Chilling Skull.
+ Removed nameable items that aren't meant to be items players have. (The white circle robot-hats, and the deflector). These items will of course remain in the list of submissions.
+ Fixed a typo on the submission rules page.
+ Added the collector's rarity. Please don't blame me if you ruin your eyesight reading that ungodly red on brown.
+ Added the proper strange ranks for hats/miscs
+ Added support for mixing rarities with hats/miscs. To do this, act like you would in game, ie make a vintage camera beard, then click on a strange rank to strangify it. It will then keep the blue vintage color, but use the strange rank. If you make a vintage + strange item, and then wish to drop the vintage part, you can click on the currently set strange rank to ditch the color change. A known issue is that particles are currently dropped when you do this.

As always, if anything broke without me noticing, you can Email me or drop a comment on my Steam profile.

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