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Dec. 28, 2013, 7:20 p.m.
Ok, so I believe at this point the issues the site's been having have been "solved". There's still more I intend to do and more tweaking to be done.

So here are some changes:

1. The modified schema the site uses is now gutted of pretty much everything not used by the site.
2. The list of items to choose from when you create a submission now points to Valve's hosted images rather than mine. I would like to expand this eventually for all non-painted/stylized items.
3. The items have been updated with the change to the hat/misc system. This means that the hat icon will give no results. Ever again. Every cosmetic item is now listed under the misc slot. Things will be adjusted in the future to make it easier to find things as these listings are pretty massive now.
4. The blue border around the Steam sign-in button has been removed.

Apologies for the downtime. Hopefully things calm down and 2014 is rad.

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