Oh right, change log

Feb. 22, 2014, 5:37 p.m.
The actual changes:

+ Updated the login function to update your avatar. Before you ask my avatar is a Sneasel not a pony! Learn your pokémon~
+ Backend of the site has gone through some big changes. Replacing a copy of the TF2 item schema with a database dump of said schema. This should put less of a strain on the webserver. I hope. I wish they taught us how these things worked in school!!
+ Style names now show up properly in item details (thank goodness)
+ Buttons for moving/deleting items in a set during the creation process are now styled properly
+ Fixed more coloring issues with some text.
+ Updated the color of the Collector's rarity just like Valve did. Now it's not _quite_ so blinding.

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