Tip of the Hats

March 28, 2014, 11:35 p.m.
So three things!

1) Did you know that in less than 24 hours the 2nd Tip of the Hats Charity Event will be on its way?

It's a weekend long marathon of TF2 featuring Highlander, 6v6, Randomizer, Ultiduo, Pub play, and more to raise money for Children's Oncology Services, Inc.

Lots of fun to watch! Please tune in, share, and donate if you can!

2) A friendly reminder that if somebody is spamming the site, or harassing people on the site, you should just report the offending item or get in touch with me and I'll remove it as soon as I have the time. Please do not submit more items to respond to them, as I'm just going to delete them too. (I will fix comment counts later)

3) Tuesday is April 1st! And that will mean the third annual April Fool's Week where you get to go hog wild posting all sorts of otherwise invalid submissions. As always there will be fantastic prizes (keys) and ~ lots of laughs ~

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