On the internet and my little pony - BY: [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes
Pyromancer's Mask
"When I was 5 years old I'd watch Barney"
"You know, the purple dinosaur. Looked something like this."
Effect: Circling Heart
Large Luchadore
"I got a bit older and stopped"
"Power Rangers was for big kids like me, not dumb old Barney."
Invis Watch
"But me and other kids didn't just stop.."
"...watching. We went out of our way to discuss how much we now HATED Barney."
A Rather Festive Tree
"I Hate You. You Hate Me."
"Let's tie Barney to a tree."
"Bang bang shotgun. Barney hits the floor"
"No more purple dinosaur."
Horrific Headsplitter
"(In retrospect this says a lot about"
"how much we fetishize violence even from such a young age.)"
Medi Gun
"When I was 10 Pokemon was the big thing"
"Eventually a lot of us stopped playing, but some kept going."
Taunt: The Schadenfreude
"Nobody sang songs about hating pokemon"
"We were old enough to not care."
The Backburner
"Basically everytime I see "Brony Burner""
"or whatever items, I think the submitter and a first grader have a lot in common"
Bonk! Atomic Punch
"In short, if you don't like MLP"
"Just vote and move on. No comments, no items named "The Glue Factory", Nothing."
The Balloonicorn
"I suppose the only thing left to say is:"
"Fluttershy is the best pony."

By: [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes
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Proto Kirby
No. Rainbow Dash is best.
... the ground Lauren Faust walks on :V
While I agree with all of this I think this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes people dislike bronies.

The fact that a lot of the vocal ones have a gigantic victim complex and feel the need to remind everyone that they are a brony and that they are being OPPRESSED ON DA INTERNETZ. Pretty much the same as the insane furries crying "fursecution!".

For the record, I'm indifferent to the show, but I'm sure someone will think I'm a hater just because I don't worship the ground Lauren Faust
Julius 神拳 Seizure
I've seen plenty of haters try to shove their hatedom down my throat, but only a few of the fans have tried to "convert" me. I don't even watch the show and I'm tired of people shouting about how much they hate it.
Look, I don't see the problem with this, people watch what they want, stop bloody chastising. You don't realize what enjoyment is. Learn it. Then you'll see why some people watch My Little Pony.
[STAG] Newman
People hate bronies because they shove their fandom down everyone's throats. Guess what this post kind of does...
There's a difference between loving a very young girls' show as a very young girl and loving a very young girls' show as a grown man. But no, call them the child, because they think that watching My Little Pony is childish.
I can feel the irony and it burns.
Flexi put it best, I think.
I, personally, don't bitch about pony shit unless it becomes obnoxious (ie. "FLUTTERSHI'S OWN MEDIGUN, I AM SO CLEVER xD xD xD")
Trying to stop people getting mad about ponies requires bronies to stop posting painted ballonicorns and what have you.
Mr. Saturn
This is the most comments I have ever seen on submissions. Fortunately they happen to be ones I approve of.
Julius 神拳 Seizure
This is going to be, if not the most popular submission, the most visited submission.

Mainly because it's on the home page of TF2tags and it's a submission by the guy who runs the damn website.
Zombie Jesus
You are all wrong, all pony is best pony
Ghost Trick
Also I feel honored that the whole "The Glue Factory" thing may be my fault.
Ghost Trick
Way to fan the damn fires.
Jusu The Iron Arm
No! AJ is the best pony.
ps these are awful item names, 0/10 would not use
it was one guy spamming pony items, no need to share your life story
I'm somewhat disappointed that it took me this long to find someone who actually bothers to publish an epiphany like this. Well said.
I want to be the best
There ever was
To beat all the rest
Yeah, that's my cause

Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey
Venusaur, Rattata, Fearow, Pidgey
Seaking, Jolteon, Dragonite, Gastly
Ponyta, Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Butterfree
Well-phrased, sir. You pretty much summed up everybody's childhood. Though I doubt this will stop the influx of dumb item names, you've earned yourself a few Crits.
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