guide to tagging (vry bade) - BY: Mettallux
The Attendant
"so, there's an "event" going on"
"that I like to call the "new tagger-ening""
Effect: Kill-a-Watt
The Attendant
"i know people have done this before, but"
"I wanted to make my own little one."
Effect: Kill-a-Watt
The Attendant
"i hate new taggers as much as jesse did,"
"but I'm going to try to improve some of you fuckers."
Effect: Kill-a-Watt
Prince Tavish's Crown
"1. read the fucking rules"
The Attendant
"avoid anything that breaks the rules"
"that'll, obviously, get you banned."
Effect: Kill-a-Watt
"2. avoid several updates/blog posts"
"try to avoid making blog posts"
"a lot. Maybe make one every once in a while, or something, but don't spam em."
"also avoid milestones for literally"
L'homme Burglerre
"*cough cough*"
Effect: Scorching Flames
"3. do not fucking make any of the"
"following tags:"
"kurt cobain's microphone"
The Balloonicorn
"my little pony"
The Escape Plan
The Huntsman
The Last Breath
"Unless it's a good joke. Then post it."
Effect: Green Energy
The Attendant
"there's probably several others to name."
Effect: Memory Leak
Sniper Rifle
"4. for the love of dos, use the fucking"
"search button."
Effect: Flying Bits
The Saxxy
"5. don't you dare fucking copy"
"one of the best tags."
Spy Mask
"don't copy tags in general, really."
Effect: Flying Bits
The Saxxy
"6. don't act like you own the place"
"if you're new."
The Attendant
"this is about every new tagger"
"besides the very few respectable ones."
Effect: Kill-a-Watt
Bonk! Atomic Punch
"7. don't just fucking rate tags"
"if you absolutely /never/ make tags."
The Attendant
"really, that's just fucking stupid."
Effect: Flying Bits
The Attendant
"that's about it."
"If you have any ideas for new taggers, leave it in the comments or something."
Effect: Kill-a-Watt
Rail Spikes
"see ya."
Effect: Cloudy Moon

By: Mettallux
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