a Begginer's guide to tagging - BY: Bloo Kirby
A Well Wrapped Hat
"hello, my name is bloo kirby."
"And welcome to a Begginer's Guide to Tagging."
A Well Wrapped Hat
"this simple guide will show you how to:"
Heavy's Hockey Hair
"not get banned,"
Effect: Community Sparkle
Bonk! Atomic Punch
"not get missed/downvoted to hell,"
Stainless Pot
"and how to not be a horrible person."
Effect: Purple Confetti
A Well Wrapped Hat
"first up: the forbidden words"
"Using any of these words in your tags will get you Instantly banned."
A Well Wrapped Hat
"the b word, (beach),"
Outta' Sight
"the n word (nigeria)"
A Well Wrapped Hat
"the f word (Not fuck, F____T)"
A Well Wrapped Hat
"and pretty much every offensive slur."
"(CBA To list them all)"
A Well Wrapped Hat
"part 2: How to not get missed to hell."
Sniper Rifle
"this site has a search option,"
"Fucking use it."
A Well Wrapped Hat
"if you aren't sure a joke has been made,"
"Use the search option."
Bonk! Atomic Punch
"most of the time when you copy a joke,"
"You will get downvoted."
Bonk! Atomic Punch
"when a tag gets a lot of downvotes,"
"Just delete it. The negative points will get removed from your score."
A Well Wrapped Hat
"there are also tons of jokes that have"
"Been Done to Death. Those Include:"
"kurt cobain's microphone"
The Huntsman
"the lucksman"
The Anger
"genuine anger"
The Battle Bob
"most undertale jokes."
The AWPer Hand
"and awp puns"
A Well Wrapped Hat
"there's probably a bunch i missed"
"But that's most of them."
A Well Wrapped Hat
"part 3: general advice"
A Whiff of the Old Brimstone
"don't missbomb."
"Missbombing is when you Downvote/Miss all/a large percentage of a person's tags."
Heavy's Hockey Hair
"THis will most likely result in a ban."
"So Don't fucking do it."
Effect: Community Sparkle
Triboniophorus Tyrannus
"don't shitpost."
"We already Have A Fucking Idiot, we don't need more Shitposters."
Effect: Massed Flies
The Builder's Blueprints
"and finally, listen to criticism."
"I didn't List everything you should/Shouldn't do, so listen to criticism."
A Well Wrapped Hat
"This guide might be a bit redundant, "
"But I hope it helped you anyway."
A Well Wrapped Hat
"Bloo, out."
Effect: Green Black Hole

By: Bloo Kirby
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