League of Idiotic "ocs" - BY: Plim
Herald's Helm
"Squire of stupidity"
Effect: Galactic Codex
The Dark Helm
"Noble of nincompoopery"
Effect: Phosphorous
The Dark Falkirk Helm
"Crusadeer of cuckery"
Effect: Cauldron Bubbles
The Crown of the Old Kingdom
"Pharaoh of fuckery"
Effect: Anti-Freeze
The Void Monk Hair
"monk of maddening"
Effect: Arcana
The Beastly Bonnet
"beast of bullfuckery"
Effect: Demonflame
Bedouin Bandana
"Bedouin of bitchery"
Effect: Chiroptera Venenata
Grim Tweeter
"hooter of hellishness"
Effect: Harvest Moon
The Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood
"Ninja of Nibberfaggotry"
Effect: Green Energy
The Sole Saviors
"soles of shittery"
Effect: The Ooze
Messenger's Mail Bag
"messenger of motherfucking"
Effect: Green Confetti
The Mutton Mann
"muttons of milpidisquiry"
"Take a guess how this was made."
Effect: It's a puzzle to me
Pestering Jester
"jester of jealousy "
Effect: Haunted Ghosts
Mountebank's Masque
"fool of fuckwittery"
Effect: Haunted Phantasm Jr.
The Tomb Wrapper
"wrap of (de)wittery"
Effect: Memory Leak
The Teufort Tooth Kicker
"kickers of kekking"
Effect: Terror-Watt
Nasty Norsemann
"norseman of knowledge (not really)"
Effect: Subatomic
The Cryptic Keepsake
"necklace of no fucks given"
Effect: Voltaic Hat Protector
The Milkman
"milkman of memes"
Effect: Scorching Flames

By: Plim
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Medic Bag's Lazyness
Damn, those should've been added.
dude of dingusy

engineer of every single adjective to describe idiot-y
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