Medium rare - BY: The Lazygineer
The Dragon's Fury
"A Pyro weapon that rewards"
"accuracy but has downsides of the airblast to make it a side grade."
Effect: Flying Bits
Reader's Choice
"Yup, this is a well made Pyro weapon."
Bullet Buzz
"What if someone wants Pyro"
"to use combos to reach damage a Scout does with only his Scattergun?"
Reader's Choice
"We ask them politely yet firmly to leave"
Effect: Burning Flames

By: The Lazygineer
Crit Miss

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The Lazygineer
What I want is Combo Pyro to be dead honestly. The fact that people think Pyro should reach Scout's Scattergun damage by frantically juggling weapons is ridiculous to me personally.

Just because the Jungle Inferno update was a huge disappointment in Pyro balance due to fucked up flame particles doesn't mean that Pyro should have shit DPS.

I want Pyro to be able to actually do damage, not be a train wreck of balance like in Jungle Inferno.
Do you want Jungle Inferno pyro back? When flamethrowers did enough dps to hill a heavy before he could even rev up.
Because talk like this gets us that back and everyone becomes m1+w pyros.
Technically speaking, you can out-DPS a Scout with the Dragon's Fury, since it's fire rate is quite good and it deals roughly 75 damage per shot on burning players, so, ye
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