My new mouse is really good tho - BY: Moura--
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
"Uh, hey dad."
"So, my mouse broke and I need to buy a new one. Do you have the m"
The Carl
"No. How did you break your mouse?"
"I don't have the money to buy a new one today, you have to wait."
Effect: Flying Bits
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
"Alright then, I'll fix it myself."
Effect: Sunbeams
Taunt: The Director's Vision
"[transmission music starts]"
"1 day later"
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
"Hey ma, I fixed my mouse."
"It's working a bit better, but the cable's a bit shorter."
Effect: Disco Beat Down
The Brütal Bouffant
"Oh, that's good to hear!"
"By the way, here's the money to buy you a new mo"
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
"excuse me what the fuck"
Effect: Flying Bits

By: Moura--
Crit Miss

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Shit Poster
*Insert fallout 4 meme here*
Btw w h a t
my dad's black btw, but he's t h i c c and there's no Demo cosmetic that looks like him
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